This service is for you if -- you're a small biz owner who has an interest in expanding their marketing to include social media, but need a little help getting there. Starting from scratch is hard and intimidating, but with our in depth plan you'll have the confidence of a seasoned pro.

What you can expect from the ground floor plan:

- an initial meeting with you to learn about your business and what your goals are with your social media accounts

- a list of social media channels that are most compatible with your small business and goals

- once a channel is chosen, an account will be established with a name, photo, and bio.

- a walk through of how to use the app and read the stats it provides

- a base following will be established to build up your timeline

- a package containing a posting schedule, content suggestions, page theme, and mood board will be supplied

- 9 posts will be laid out for you  - photo, caption, and hashtags

Investment - $1500+

payment options available


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